Meara Clark, Founder

Meara Clark, Founder

Meet Meara Nisbet Clark

Meara is a savvy leadership coach with over 1,400 hours of experience coaching teams and individuals. Clients appreciate her straight-forward approach to the complexity inherent in human change management. They report more confidence in influencing others, managing themselves and achieving goals.

After a decade of improving communication, trust, and productivity in organizations, Meara recognized “candor” as the determining factor for success. In 2018, Work with Candor, LLC was born. 

Candor is “the state or quality of being frank, open, and sincere in speech or expression” (Oxford English Dictionary, n. 1.d.). In the context of leadership, candor goes beyond speaking honestly.         It includes listening openly, acting with equanimity, and modeling solution-oriented behavior. It also means identifying and ending counterproductive behavior.

Meara’s coaching career was preceded by 15 years of strategic advocacy in Washington D.C. and Olympia, Washington on behalf of medical and business organizations. Her efforts extended to the nonprofit world, advocating for at-risk youth and military families. 

When not affecting organizational change, you’ll find Meara seeking balance in a yoga studio or on outdoor adventures with her family involving way too much gear.