Executive Intensives

Leaders seeking measurable growth fast thrive with this approach. Choose a coach who’ll become your trusted ally, challenge your thinking, level-up your skills and help you learn new behaviors.

"Meara is flexible, easy to work with, and she helped me discover life skills that resulted in stronger executive
skills. The results were both tangible and insightful
– Sharon Hall, CEO, Express Credit Union

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Scalable Leadership Coaching

Provide scalable, affordable coaching for all employees or select cohorts (e.g., managers, high potential). Align outcomes with company values and priorities.

"I firmly believe that our generous coaching program is helping us to be more successful and innovative. Thank you, Candor!"
– Sarah Bird, CEO, Moz

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Effective Teams

Facilitations are relevant and inspiring when the team chooses what they want to improve (decision-making, trust, accountability). The coach cultivates rigor and amplifies results.

"I appreciate how much you bring of your own values. We felt like our team was being supported in it’s development from within rather than being handled from outside."
– Nancy Long, Executive Director, 501 Commons

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