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We value each other's areas of expertise and enjoy collaborating. Our goal is to be the best investment in professional development you’ll ever make.

Anya Jepsen

Anya Jespen

Anya is passionate about human potential and inspires us with her futuristic ideas and upbeat presence. Her areas of expertise include mindfulness, design-thinking, and multicultural teams.

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Atika Scott.jpeg

Atika Scott De Martinville

Atika is a creative scientist who drives for continuous improvement and innovation. Her areas of expertise include organizational development, emotional intelligence, and leading through change.

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Cindy Haba

Cindy is devoted to the success of others and adept at guiding them from vision to action with compassion and rigor. Her areas of expertise include career coaching, strengths-based leadership, and story-telling for influence.

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Chris Janak.jpg

Chris Janak

Chris is a candid, engaging problem solver with experience in finance and human resources management. His expertise includes shifting habituated behaviors through the Immunity to Change model, co-active coaching and transformational retreats. 

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David Rickabaugh.jpg

David Rickabaugh

David is an evidence-based coach who helps clients and colleagues stay focused on solutions during challenging situations. His areas of expertise include cognitive behavioral coaching, professional transitions, and self-management.

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lindsreeseheadshot01 copy.jpg

Lindsey Reese 

Lindsey is relentless in her quest to delight clients, improve operations, and measure outcomes. Her areas of expertise include program management, event planning, and strategic communication.

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Lisa Fain

Lisa’s experience as an attorney comes through in her discerning questions, client advocacy, and passion for meaningful change. Her areas of expertise include mentoring, women’s leadership, and building inclusive cultures.

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Nicholas Masek

Nicholas is an international diplomat, educator, and business leader, having worked in France, Russia, and the US. His coaching expertise is helping leaders develop the energy, ownership, and clarity to lead, engage and transform in their careers and personal lives.

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Penny Koch-Paterson.jpg

Penny Koch-Patterson

Penny is a business-savvy intellectual with a gift for distilling complex ideas and encouraging bold thinking. Her areas of expertise include team facilitation, manager training, and executive presence.

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